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Fiverr Inbox Messages Issue


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Hello, fellow Fiverr community,

I hope this message finds you well. I wanted to reach out and share my experience on Fiverr, seeking some advice regarding an issue I've encountered recently.

Back in 2021, while I was still in college, I joined Fiverr with the intention of exploring content writing gigs. Initially, I must admit, I approached it with a more casual attitude, merely testing the waters and seeing what the platform had to offer. I never received any buyer requests, and my gigs received around 500 impressions within a month.

Feeling a bit discouraged, I decided to take a break from Fiverr and focus on my studies. However, at the beginning of this year, after successfully completing my college studies, I decided to approach Fiverr with a renewed commitment and dedication. I made several adjustments and improvements to my gigs and gradually started noticing a significant increase in impressions, clicks, and even a few buyer requests.

However, I have encountered an unexpected obstacle. Despite the positive developments, I haven't been able to respond to any of the messages in my Fiverr inbox. Each time I try to reply, I receive an error message stating that the "buyer can no longer be contacted." This situation has left me puzzled and concerned about the potential opportunities I might be missing.

I'm reaching out to the Fiverr community in the hopes of receiving some valuable advice and guidance on this matter. Have any of you experienced a similar issue with your Fiverr inbox messages? What could be the cause of this problem, and how can it be resolved?

I sincerely appreciate any insights or suggestions you may have. Thank you in advance for your time and assistance.

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27 minutes ago, adinfitum said:

Sometimes they can be spam buyers too. Did you check to see if they have a legit account? Did the buyer reach out to your specific services or did they just send a generic cut copy paste message? 


I had one requesting a Canva design but then she wanted to sell her Canva Premium Subscription

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