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Can you please review my GIG ?


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Recently I have noticed a thing for few days that 24 hours fiverr from active is not getting any gig impressions all day and night, but around 1k -5k impressions at a certain time every day. So I am active at any other time even if I am not active on fiverr. Due to which my gigs get regular impressions and clicks. And in my gigs all real impressions come, no fake impressions.

So I will tell you that one day you will be active 24 hours a day to see when impressions come to your gig. Select that time and have a regular activity on the fiverr at that time every day. If you follow this rule regularly, I think your gig impression will always increase.

Honestly, this is my personal experience. And I follow this rule regularly. Due to which my gig impression is always increasing.

Thank you.

Rokibul Islam

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Can you please tell me in which category you are working and what time that gives you the maximum impression? 

I barely get 1-2 impressions on GIG, even though I am level 1 and remain online all day.

Dude, please let me know,







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