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Inbox (message) notifications needs to be more "live" and not highlight my own Buyer's msg to Seller?

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Fiverr, like other systems likes to generate many browser windows (and I'm on a desktop PC).

The viewing of inbox/messages between tabs of the browser doesn't seem to clear the notifications after viewing a message (or it doesn't seem to do well for myself)?  There could be some way to do this with local browser "cookies" or some back-end system method, so that if you view the message on one browser tab/window or mobile device for that matter, when you go to the other view/tab/window it is cleared.  I seem to have multiple viewing attempts at the same message sometimes and it still appears to be highlighted as a notification reminder?

Also, you can perhaps ease up on highlighting my messages going out to my Seller (as I'm a Buyer), because I know what I just sent, and I just need to know when their response is returned, via a notification? 😁

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Notifications have been a trainwreck for the better part of a year now. Notifications remain (for hours sometimes) after you've read a message, phantom notifications appear (under the bell icon) when you get a legit notification somewhere else, the app and desktop versions never talk to each other without being refreshed. Hell, even the messages posted in inbox or the order page during an active conversation don't usually show up unless you refresh the page.


AFAIK they're aware of all this, they just can't seem to figure out how to fix any of it.

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