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Would any mobile app designers actually like some work?


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I've contacted 5 mobile app designers this week. They all responded with interest to new work. I sent them the details. One won't honor the details in his gig. Another ignored my questions. And three couldn't be bothered to respond. If anyone wants the work, contact me. Here's the high level details:

I need 5 iPhone screens designed:

1. Books list screen - has functionality to mark a book as favorite and complete and to delete a book from the list. Not pictured is: I’d like all the Favorited books to display in a horizontal scroll between the search input and the vertical scroll of books. The items in the horizontal scroll would have a heading of “Favorites” and just include the title and book cover.

2. Books detail screen - this should include the book title, cover image, description, number of pages, and icons to indicate whether the book has been favorited or completed. The icons should display whether the book has been favorited or not with a visual state to indicate favorited/completed or not. Also, the Books/Videos toggle will not be displayed on the detail screens. I just haven’t had time to figure out how to remove it.

3. Videos list screen - the same functionality as the books list screen - controls to favorite, complete, and delete a video. Also with the favorited videos in a horizontal scroll between the search input and the vertical scrolling list of videos.

4. Videos detail screen - Same criteria as books detail screen but with video length instead of pages.

5. Search Books/Videos view - should be self-explanatory from the screenshot

The numbering in the screenshots correspond to the numbers above.

I also have a brand guide and some accessibility requirements (which I can help guide you on if you're not familiar with color contrast requirements in accessibility).

If there's a better place to post this, please let me know. 








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