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My account has just been restricted after 4 years of career building

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Hello, I have been a seller on Fiverr since 2019, and I have successfully completed over 700 orders. My ratings are 4.9, and I have not violated any rules. However, Fiverr has restricted my account for 60 days, stating that their Safety and Security team will review my account. They mentioned that the reason for the restriction is that I have another account.

Believe me or not, I do not have any other account. The customer support is not willing to listen to my explanation. I am currently living in a hostel to complete my studies, and as an IT student, many colleges use the same Wi-Fi connection as my college. Maybe that's the reason for the confusion.

I have read many answers in the Fiverr forum, and it seems that other users have lost their accounts in similar situations. Can anyone please guide me on how to explain to them that I don't have any other account?

P.S. My account is also ID-verified, and it's an old account. I have hardly received any warnings from Fiverr.

Kind regards.

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