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Allow sellers to edit custom offers

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Sending a custom offer can be slow, especially on the app. If I set up a milestones offer with 5 milestones and lots of detail, hit "send" and then realise something small needs changing – I can't. I have to begin the whole process again from scratch. On the desktop, I can copy and paste most of the text, so it's not so bad, but most of the text can't be copied on the app, so it can take ages to redo it, just to fix a tiny mistake.

Please change the withdraw button so that, when the seller withdraws an offer, the system asks "send a new offer?". If the seller says "yes", create a new offer with all of the same content added to the previous offer, pre-populated. Then the seller can just edit the bits they want and resend very quickly.

This would also help with making small tweaks to an offer, if the buyer requests something extra or some other change.


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