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Enhancing Transparency: The Need for Comprehensive Client Reviews in the Freelancing Community


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When considering potential clients for collaboration and establishing a meaningful working relationship, one aspect we often consider is the feedback provided by other freelancers. However, it is crucial to reassess our current practice of offering generic or brief reviews without providing a detailed review for other freelancers to take notes from I tend to see a lot of these examples when I check a clients review:


"good experience."

"good client,"

great experience"

What was good about your experience how many revisions did he request was the communication smooth...etc

To cultivate a more detailed and insightful review culture, we must redefine our approach by providing comprehensive feedback that encompasses the entirety of our interactions with the client.

Through sharing these specific experiences, we contribute to a more transparent and knowledgeable freelancing community. Our fellow freelancers gain a clearer understanding of what they can expect when working with a particular client, enabling them to make well-informed choices regarding project acceptance or declination, this will result in a better experience for both freelancers and clients.

Moreover, providing detailed reviews also benefits us personally. When assessing a potential client with comprehensive feedback from previous freelancers, we gain valuable insights into their working style, communication preferences, and overall professionalism. This wealth of information empowers us to assess whether the client aligns with our own work methods and whether we can establish a productive and harmonious collaboration.

Its is imperative to break away from the habit of delivering vague reviews solely based on "good experiences." Instead, let us embrace a more comprehensive approach that incorporates specific details about our interactions, enabling fellow freelancers to make informed decisions. By actively contributing to a transparent and knowledgeable freelancing community, we foster professionalism and enhance our ability to select clients that truly match our working preferences, resulting in good reviews from clients and less cancelation while also promoting a healthier marketplace, I think this also can be done from fiverr's side encouraging a quistenaire type of reviews system where you have to answer some questions in order to publish the review for the clients.

Have a nice days doers. 

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