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Buyer Secret review is unfair...

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..in it's current state. Recently I had a SS coach inform me that while I have hundreds of 5 star reviews, my BSR numbers were "very low" In fact I only had 3 in the last 60 days and only ONE gave me a bad review. But that was enough to temporarily tank my main gig. Many of my customers, when asked, either didn't even know about the BSR or they thought the public review was enough.
In this light, the only real way to make this fair is to let the public review stand if there is no private review. The original review must stand, and be counted, if there is no private review. You can't just buy and sell a person's potential livelihood on Fiverr by a few vague and random questions. 
Also, there has to be some sort of traceability and accountability with the enormous weight the BSR carries right now. A SS coach should be able to see what the complaint was, the order, and if it is in fact justified. It's WAY too important to be left as it is. I don't have to see it, but they do. Even if the seller never knows who complained, you should.  This way coaches can see and better advise sellers.
A quarterly review would be nice. 
And, finally, if you are going to bring the threshold down to 4.2, then maybe the BRS is not necessary. 

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