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It's been 10 days all of my gigs are disappear


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Hi! Last month for me was great in term of work i have completed atleast 18 orders 17 were 5 stars with some repeated buyers and 1 was 4.3

Suddenly i have seen all of my gigs are disappeared and not showing in the search result it's really frustrating for me.

What do i need to do in order to get my gigs back although i have completed 3 more orders from my old clients which are bigger than my Average selling price 

Looking for help.



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4 minutes ago, seobooster12 said:

Sorry for the misunderstanding I have posted on a behalf of my friend because he can't login in the fiverr forum


Now a brief Public Service Message...



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8 minutes ago, seobooster12 said:

If fiverr needs to check they can check we both are using different IPs and different devices

You both have exactly the same bio (with the exception of the name) and SEO gigs (with minor design changes).

You know, there are ways to increase your visibility in search without breaking Fiverr's ToS.

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