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Hi friends, my first post with a terrific experience over and with fiverr, I joined FR 3 months ago while searching for some solution over google and I registered myself for no reason. I just designed a logo from a guy (i was buyer) and then offline for a month and away from FR, I was thinking… how could this just 1 gig or $4 going to help you to survive in life and how many gig you can expect from this kind of site. It’s ridiculous.

I used to get FR newsletters about top gigs and happenings every week so after a month I made my mind and thought lets TRY. So I was active from 19th June to 19th July and created 11 gigs in total explaining my expertise in services I used to work from last 12 years. Now here is the turning point about neglecting the site like FR.

I cannot believe I got 200+ orders in just 1 month and revenue comes near $1K USD. Oh my god this is ridiculously awesome. I never thought just $4 can be converted into $1K within a month, not a month I start getting orders from 27th regularly so in just 20 days $1K USD NOT BAD.

I cannot rate FR, as the stars are very less to rate them, it’s awesome, unbelievable, friendly support, superb and ridiculously awesome… Hahaha.

Hope and looking forward to add few more zeros in figure. Best of luck guys, thanks for reading…Keep rocking over FR.

Also ill be more happy if you people could help me to understand few things, as 1 month is passed and i was online/active for 30 days and i completed 10 orders, When I can expect 1st Level?

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