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Any tips for me to get new orders on fiber?


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2 hours ago, tahamina01711 said:

you need Fiverr active and social media publicity 

Being active has no bearing on your success on Fiverr. You have zero sales. Why are you spreading lies about how to succeed on Fiverr? You clearly have no success of your own, so you should focus your attention on people who do and learn from them rather than spreading falsehoods. 

The same goes for spamming social media. It doesn't work. If it did, all the people with one review on here complaining about not getting sales would be winners. Obviously, they aren't. 

By the way, misleading buyers about your skills won't make you successful: 


The same goes for you, @jannatnur282


And you, @web_munna45




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1 hour ago, jannatnur282 said:

Thank you dear, It's a typing mistake 

3 times?  Hardly!  Just like calling someone "dear"  That is a term for someone you want to kiss on the mouth, not appropriate here.  You are not fooling anyone when you claim to be "fluent" in English. Please adjust that to something more honest and believable.




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14 hours ago, jannatnur282 said:

I have published 2 gigs on fiber, but am not getting any orders. Any tips for me to get new orders on fiber? 

Like other experienced sellers have pointed out your mistakes i.e. your English language is actually not good. You are recommended to change it from "Fluent to Basic".

Secondly, in this gig "I will design brilliant instagram post design within 12hr". You will deliver the design within 12 hours. But in its gig description, why is it mentioned: "1 day delivery time (extra)" 😑

Looks like you need to work on your gigs first i.e. improve your gig gallery and gig descriptions.

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