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I have userway screenreader enabled for some reason on my Fiverr, even though I never installed it on my system at all.



I have deleted all my Chrome extensions to no avail, and this annoying screenreader just randomly starts reading stuff with a yellow highlight behind when I click any of the text and keeps scrolling up until it has finished reading. I don't need a screenreader and it seems that this is not a Fiverr feature. The problem is that this thing is only happening to me on Fiverr and not on other sites. Can someone give me a clue?


Kind regards.


Screenshot 2023-06-08 144934.png

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@sannansyedthanks for raising this issue. i've been battling it for about a month now. tried using ctrl + . but wasn't working for me. Though i know i used it toggle it on but wasn't enough to switch off


Now, screen turn so big like the a setting for blind people. 


but thanks @azerilla 


@azerilla thanks for the help. i was able to use it to turn off all accessibility settings

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