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Setting a Correct Price for your Gigs



Hi, I've started off on Fiverr with doing 3D Modeling and Graphical Representation. I listed all my gigs as low as possible to ramp up some easy 5 star reviews. And that part worked quite well for me. Now I am getting slowly to a stage where I am looking to increase the price of my service and with that the level of professionalism and delivery. I am also working towards getting my first certification on the current software I use, (thanks Udemy!).

I would like to ask you for your opinion on how you price your 3D gigs. 

I watched some random YouTube video that explained the price in a couple of steps. They explained that each service price should consist of:

-Flat Rate (Price for files, consultation, packing etc.)

-Reach Rate (The bigger audience, the bigger price. Example: small shop charge less than for a large event)

-Modeling Rate (Price per hour for modeling)

-Technical Drawings Rate (price per hour for tech drawings)

-Image Rendering Rate (price per hour for renders)

-Revision Rate (price per hour for adjustments)

-Discount rate (discounts for returning customers and random discounts for customers, because lets be honest. Even though the price might be high,  everyone feels better if you have a 10 or 15% discount applied



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