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create FB page on seller's PC


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hello pros,

I tried to run FB ad campaign on my PC but for some reason, I got restricted from running ads so I decided to hire a professional to run the campaign for me on his PC because if I run any other account on my PC it will be restricted also. So we agreed that I will pay him for creating FB page and running the ad campaign on his PC for 2 weeks.

The question now is, how do I know that he really runs the campaign and not pausing it and saving the money specially that I got very low traffic most of the days. The traffic report is as follows:

day1:  ----------- 798 sessions
day2: ----------- 122 sessions
day3:  ----------- 561 sessions
day4:  ----------- 33 sessions
day5:  ----------- 21 sessions
day6:  ----------- 581 sessions
day7:  ----------- 90 sessions
day8:  ----------- 28 sessions


Another question please, on day 1, I got a traffic for 933 sessions from youtube (I run campaign on FB and Instagram), how could that happen?

Thanks a lot. 

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