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No Orders or Messages in months


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I'm getting absolutely bugger all from Fiverr lately. My last message was 3 weeks ago from a buyer requesting a service I don't provide and my last order was in January?!

I'm quite well established on Fiverr and a conscientious seller; I've tried adjusting my pricing and promoting my gigs, but I don't appear to have any visibility. I have great reviews and a strong track record, although I suspect my demotion from Level 2 seller to New Seller more than once may have something to do with it. I've been penalised several times for missing the odd message - sometimes these are spam messages mind you - and responding outside 24 hours. Rectifying the impact this has on my response time is impossible when I'm not getting new messages to respond to.

Help! I've reduced my rate and am currently promoting the two gigs that are eligible for promotion. What more can I do?



Thank you ❤️

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So what happened is that a lot of people are not doing very well financially these days. The demand for a lot of services is down. On top of that, some categories like voiceover and writing are hit pretty hard by AI. Voiceover in particular is a challenging thing because there are services that ask for way less than a talented voiceover and provide a human-like voice. I think that might be one of the issues. 

The demotion might also have to do with that lack of orders and messages. Each time you receive even a spam message, say Hi. You can mark as Spam after that, but having a reply helps. I always had a 1-hour reply time, and I kept that by always replying even to spammers. Considering the downsides of not replying fast, I think a quick reply even to spammers can prevent major issues down the line.

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