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Hi…those are adorable!

I tried to look at the gig as though I was a buyer, and my thoughts are that it’s pretty good, but I would add some more detail. Like…does the buyer get to specify the contents of the bottle? Or are there categories of contents, like little shells or glitter or pebbles? Does the buyer get to specify the color and size of the bottle? And whether or not it’s on a necklace? I don’t know what your instructions to the buyer say, but I’ve found that it’s best to give as much info up front as possible. Kind of try to anticipate questions.

It would be great if you could have more photos…photos of the different fillings or bottle types, for instance. I created a free video for my gig…it was really easy and you can get lots more photos in that way. If you google “create free video online” there are tons of services. And it’s pretty easy to do.

Best of luck on Fiverr!

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