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Just completed first gig!! Have a question

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Hi everyone,

We just completed our first gig but I have a question regarding draft artwork and designs.

This customer asked the following in a message after receiving drafts:

' I'm assuming that I can keep all four photos? As they're downloadable and have no watermarks '

There is an option for Fiverr to watermark images and that was selected. To stay professional I responded and informed them that of course they an keep them but this is not the final resolution of the image you'll receive and if they select their favourite we can send them the high res finished piece.

So we ended up sending 4 pieces of art rather than 1 which is obviously not what the gig states.

However, Can someone (experienced in this field) possibly help with how drafts are to be sent or if there is an additional option that needs to be selected so we can avoid this happening in the future?

Thanks in advance,



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I'm not in your niche so I can't speak from experience when it comes to graphic design, but: 

I'd just add a watermark to all the drafts myself, to avoid having this discussion in the first place. 

With that said: I'm in voice-over and I've been on Fiverr for nine years now. So I do have some experience with buyers wanting you to work for free. 

Sometimes, I'll send a couple of samples at the beginning of the order if the buyer isn't sure of the style they wanna go for etc. 

If the buyer asked me to read their entire script twice in different styles, I'd say, "Sure! I'd be happy to record your script twice, but since this would be double the work, I'll have to charge XX extra for it. Please find an order extra attached to this message. Once the order is in, I'll begin recording. If you prefer to stick with the original scope of this order, please select one of the two styles instead. "

Don't let buyers push you around into working for free. That's not why we're here. 

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