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Would making a gig that's totally different from my primary gig not recommended?




I've been working as a Korean<->English translating freelancer since last July and have made my way through Level 1 status and will be potentially promoted to level 2 in the upcoming weeks. 

I'd like to ask what anyone thinks about creating a gig that's entirely different from my translation gig. 

The gig I'm intending to make is logo design. And I'm worried if it would adversely affect my existing gigs. The reason why I think that is because it's simply a different category and the algorithms which display my gig on the first page may get confused and as a result, it would no more display it on the first page. 

Even if that's not the reality, would there be any negative impact if there are any? 

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According to fiverr, you can upload a new gig of different category with your existing category. But, think from a client's view. If someone comes to you and see that all of your gigs are from different category, he may assume that you are a jack of all trades but good for nothing. I think you have the logo design skill. In my opinion, gain some different good skill in you existing category, upload more gigs and when someone comes to you, offer them your gig services along with the logo design. By this way, you will achieve some new skills and your logo design skill will also bring some money as well.

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