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Need help to increase gig rank and getting first order

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I joined Fiverr last month and my first gig age is also 1 month. I'm getting impressions but not getting so many clicks. I never did marketing for my gig, truly I don't know how to do gig marketing on social platforms. Please give me some proper ideas for gig marketing and also for getting the first order.

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Hi @susanta_15, if you are getting impressions then you don't need to do any marketing. Fiverr is already showing your gigs to potential buyers.

However, if your clicks are low, that means buyers are not interested enough in your gig to click on it. So it doesn't make sense to drive more traffic to your gig by doing your own marketing. 

What you do need to focus on is getting more clicks, and converting those clicks into orders.

If there are high impressions but low clicks, you might be attracting the wrong crowd. Fiverr's algorithm decides how relevant you are to buyers searching for services. Sometimes something in your title, tags, or description can cause your gig to be shown to the wrong crowd.

Example: When I started on Fiverr, I offered proofreading services for English but attracted a lot of buyers asking for Polish proofreading. I found out my title was popping up on the first page of search because my title stated "I will proofread and polish your writing." Once I changed my title, I got less impressions, but the buyers approaching me were more relevant to the services I was offering.

Another reason for getting high impressions but low clicks is that your gig isn't attractive to buyers. They only have a few seconds to decide on which gig to click on, and it wasn't yours. So find ways to make your gig attractive. Have a thumbnail image that is unique and different from your competitors, so it stands out on the page. The image should also clearly state your services in 1-3 words. Too many words may cause your buyers to gloss over your gig (it requires too much work to read everything). Buyers will also look at your prices, title, and any images or videos you may have in your gig gallery, so make sure you utilize all of these tools.

Converting clicks into orders. Once a buyer visits your page, you've got to convince them that you are the solution to their problem. Make sure you are professional and adequately show your skills. When I was a newbie, my portfolio gave buyers a reason to contact me because they saw something they wanted. So even though I didn't have reviews or orders, they were still interested in buying from me. So work on your portfolio and find creative ways to showcase what you can do. The more samples you have of your work, the more chances you'll have that one of those samples will resonate with a buyer (and turn into an order).


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