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Does the absence of a review effects your sale?


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Having good reviews adds great value to your gigs, so until you’ve become established with a good track record that potential buyers can look at, you may want to put in the extra effort to get those reviews. You can do that by contacting your buyer and asking if everything was okay with the order; were they happy. And if the buyer says ‘yes’, then why not ask him or her to take a few minutes to leave a brief review, stressing how important their review is for you and how it will help you get established as a reputable Fiverr seller.

@solow13 I noticed the same change. At first, almost none of my buyers left reviews, unless they were also Fiverr sellers. But since that initial drop-off, I’ve noticed that now almost as many buyers leave reviews on my gigs as before the ARS, about 75% to 80%, for me. I didn’t change my behavior in any way. I never asked buyers to leave a review, and I still don’t, so maybe if I’d tried that I wouldn’t have seen the drop-off. Who knows!

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