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UK Freelancers - What's Your Timezone Beating Top Tips?



I love freelancing because it should enable me to choose to work when I want - my ideal working week is Mon-Fri, 8am-4pm. However, this is often not the case, due to the fact that most Fiverr Buyers are in North America. I almost always receive messages the second I've shut my laptop down for the day.

Being a level 2 seller, I have to respond to the message relatively quickly in order to remain eligible, then I feel it's rude to send a reply and then disappear until the morning, when the prospect is most likely asleep.

I'm just wondering if any UK-based Sellers have any top tips for managing the timezone difference between NA & UK?


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I set a 9 pm boundary for myself. From 9 pm, I down tools. Otherwise, work bleeds into my private life, and it's not healthy. Most clients understand that because they also have lives outside of work. If clients need something urgently and can't wait, it's probably not a job I want anyway. In my experience, rush jobs often become stressful because the client is stressed, and you get it in the neck if it's not perfect the first time.   

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