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Regarding Impressions and Clicks


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  • 2 months later...

I wanted to know about the keywords which I should not include in messages and description and any other area of my fiverr account.

  • Can you provide examples of keywords that are commonly restricted on Fiverr?
  • What potential consequences could a seller face if they use restricted keywords in their gig :
  1. Description 
  2. Messages
  3. Order Inbox
  • How does Fiverr's algorithm detect and handle gigs that contain restricted keywords?
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Hi .My gig is ranked on the keyword "react frontend" on 5th page .I have selected the languages as shown in the image.I have selected german,french,and spanish but if someone tries to filter gigs on the basis of languages i.e german,spanish and french , then my gig does not appear in search result.I dont know why is this happening because I have selected french , german and spanish but still fiverr is not showing my gig in search results.Please guide me.



Thanks for you time.


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