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Brand Personality options for logo upload - How to decide which is most fitting?

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While uploading logo designs, there are various Brand Personality traits to choose from.
To me, it is not very clear what is meant by all these different options.
For instance, what makes a logo 'accessible' or 'luxurious'? Or 'innovative' or 'established'?
Since I would like my logo's to be easily found and match the Brand Personality criteria, I would like to know more about this.

Would it be an idea to create a blog or post showing all different styles that match the different traits?

Looking forward to learning more about this topic!

Screenshot 2023-05-31 at 12.03.47.png

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Hi @designmarjolein! 

Defining the brand personality helps us understand what we want/think the logo should convey. Just like with humans, every brand has characteristics of its own. We usually think about what we want the brand's character to be before we start designing, and then express those characteristics using design elements. We also think about what we want people to feel when looking at our logos. For example, if you're designing a logo for a kids fashion store, you probably want people to feel at ease, to feel inspired, to feel playful. Therefore You want this brand personality to be “Fun” and “Accessible”. Another example would be high-end fashion brands. High end fashion brands are well thought of, pay attention to details, and usually make people feel like they are a little bit inaccessible and desirable. You want this brand personality to be Luxurious, “Established”, and usually “Classic”. So when thinking about your brand personality ask yourself the following question:
- If it were a person, what would be his traits?
- What do you want people to feel about your logo?
Hope that helps!

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