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Fiverr should remove watermarks on images - there are no watermarks on any other medium anyway

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Hi all, I've used Fiverr for about 7 years as a buyer and about 4-5 months as a seller

I find the watermarks to be....counter productive.

Imagine this, I need to share the image with the team to get their feedback and see if they want any revisions. The watermark is obtrusive and unprofessional. Actually looks like I stole someone's work

Imagine this, a common business, I get a local client who wants a design. I hire my friend through Fiverr, and now I want to share the design with the local client to see if they want revisions. I can't without making it clear that I am working with someone through Fiverr - which I don't mind them knowing, but in their eyes, it cheapens the work because they think it was cheaply done abroad.

On the seller's perspective, I imagine the fear is someone using the work and then canceling the order? I believe that is the only way to abuse the image without a watermark.
I can't imagine this happening often at all. In fact it seems Fiverr support lately has been favoring the seller more - as long as the initial requirements were met.

Anyways, it seems some people have reported this happening with the watermarks too - so it's almost like it'll happen either way.

Personally as a buyer, the watermarks skews perception of the image, and doesn't allow me to be a liaison with Fiverr or with my friends who work through Fiverr.

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From my understanding as a Fiverr Illustrator and artist, once the order is delivered you can download the unwatermarked image by clicking on the green text in the order instead of saving the thumbnail preview. The downloaded file is not supposed to have a watermark, the watermark is so that when it shows up on the Gig portfolio other people can't steal what you paid for, but if you paid for it and downloaded it correctly it shouldn't have the watermark. You can also ask the buyer directly to send you the image. I've had many buyers that don't know how to download the image ask me to send it to them through inbox instead of on the order gig page.

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