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Hello, all. I'm the new kid in town!

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I'm a seasoned marketing professional with 16 years in the life sciences and biotech industries. Digital and content marketing are a solid part of my wheelhouse. I've spent the past year digging into the wonders (and challenges) of AI for marketing, as well. But at the start of the year, I started to get a bit restless about my day job. I love my work but I'd also love the opportunity to add some diversity to my project load, so I decided to start breaking into the world of freelance marketing. 

I've already started reading posts on the forum from those of you far more experienced than I when it comes to freelancing so I guess my first message is a big THANK YOU for posting all those tips, tricks, and great recommendations. I'm already learning a lot from many of you and expect that will definitely continue as I settle in to the Fiverr community.

Looking forward to engaging with you on the forum. Have a great week, everyone! 

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