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Hi, my Fiverr account was inactive for 3 years cause of my another job. But now I am back in Fiverr but I don't get any order. But I have good review in my gigs and profile. Now my question is how I can get my order? Can I will receive the order from this account or Should I open a new account and try to receive the order and my delivery time have show 3 years ago. And there have not show buyer request which was easy option to get order. Please someone suggest me. What should I do? Please check my profile and gig https://www.fiverr.com/logomaster1990

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Hi, I don't get a brief matched. I change prices. Sometime I set 100, 200, 80 etc. But don't get any brief match. How much price should I set for brief?? Also my gig price is 5, 10, 20 and I set my brief price to 80$ at this moment. Do I have to change my gig price with brief price? Please Help, Thanks.

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