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Fiverr Changing My Life

Guest jimbrad

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Guest jimbrad

Hello Friends,

I created fiverr account before 3 years after that i never logged in or even check the mails from Fiverr. Later on this year April End i felt to created a Gig for me.

When i was creating my Gig i never felt that it will change my life…bcz around 3 month I earned above 700$…it may be a less amount to others but for me and my family its a Big deal as this is not my main job.

Yesterday I bought a Gold ring for my mother and gave to her … when the second i told her that i bought this ring from the income of Fiverr she had a proud look with a small cry of happiness…

I bought my mother many things from my Regular job as my main work is in private company but when i earn money from Fiverr it gives me a strength as i can earn from my own business in future…

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