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Stopped Getting Orders!?


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Right so I'm sure I'm not the only one who's business has slowed down, but this is frankly bizarre....


When I joined Fiverr as a seller back in December, I was lucky enough to get off to a great start. Orders started coming in pretty quick. It went well for the first 3/4 months and I soon became a level 1 seller....... then everything changed.


The orders just suddenly stopped. I'm lucky if I get 2 a month. I've tried absolutely everything. I've recorded new, better-quality demo reels, I tried new and more professional artwork (I've since gone back to what I had before coz it seemed to get worse), I've added another two gigs, I've lowered my prices, I've put "first-time buyer" offers on there, I respond to each message promptly, I have a 5.0 star rating....


What the hell am I doing wrong?? How can you just suddenly stop getting business as soon as you level up? This can't be normal

































































































































































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Well I have a similar situation, although I am a writer.

In my case, my Fiverr seller manager told me that private reviews were not that great, which is sad because most people barely leave a public review, mostly unhappy people will actually take the time to write a private review and those can be very damaging. She also told me that public and private reviews can be very different. 

So it's hard to say. It can be someone that left a private review randomly. Or maybe your push as a new seller is over, since Fiverr pushes new sellers to the front for a bit, then they remove them and push other new sellers.. Everyone receives that push, then they have to generate business on their own, use the paid ads system, etc.

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