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Does anyone knows 2500 followers are available per a gig


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no offense liindya but i would suggest to stay away from such gigs for numerous reasons!!! try to look for people who can advertise you (tweet it, post a facebook status etc) or guest post at their blog, rather than sending you followers.

These fake numbers won’t improve your website’s authority or brand name!

On the contrary it is a bit lame and embarrassing ! Imagine having a Facebook widget in your blog’s sidebar, showing all this fake accounts with their weird names and pictures popping out…

They will not interact with your posts in your page and in fact after sometime you will see this big number of followers decreasing day by day…

I’d rather have a Facebook page with only 500 loyal fans, where we can interact and bring real traffic to my website!

Do not waste your money like this! Numbers are not important in this case, but CONVERSION !

take care


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