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Seller rate experience bug

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There is a bug when leaving a rating for the seller.
The "Send Feedback" button is disabled, and there is a warning message saying: "Please include at least 10 characters" below the textbox for comments on the seller.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Add all 3 star ratings for Communication With Seller, Service as Described, and Buy Again or Recommend.
2. Leave the textbox empty
3. Don't select any Skills endorsements.
4. Select any option in "What type of project are you working on? "
5. Press the disabled button "Send feedback". It will let you know now that you need to include at least 10 characters in the textbox from above.
6. Go to the textbox, leave a comment, and see that the "Send feedback" button is still disabled, and the warning below the textbox is still there, even though you have enough text written.

I attach a screenshot.

Screenshot 2023-05-26 at 00.05.32.png

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