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Fiverr sent fake cancellation dispute notice

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Neither I nor the client raised any dispute. Our order is progressing very smoothly. Even, I have delivered all the files and the client is reviewing them. Also, this is our 11th order together (just to give an idea of the strong bond we have).

But Fiverr sent a notification saying that the client has 48 hours to respond. The client is active; that's not a problem. But since he doesn't have any accept/reject option in his dashboard or order page (neither do I), what are the chances that the order will get canceled because of this Fiverr glitch.

Should we mark the order as complete as soon as possible before 48 hours? What are your thoughts, experts?


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22 minutes ago, filipdevaere said:

Did you contact Customer Support about this issue?

Not yet. I thought to get thoughts from forum members first if this is something they are experiencing as well. If I don't get a valid satisfactory response here then I will definitely escalate the issue to customer support.

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