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Is there any problem when editing the gig?

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14 hours ago, shaheen101085 said:

Will there be any problem with Fever's account if the gig is edited again and again?

Yes but must check its temperature first that it's high or normal 😶

Avoid over-optimization else it might cause you trouble. Once you edit your gig, your gig will take time to adjust its position in search results based on your changes and other factors.

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3 minutes ago, shaheen101085 said:

If the gig template is used by someone else or another free image, does it affect the gig?

Question is why do you want to use someone else's designs or free designs? Don't you have any portfolio which you can use for gig gallery?

Yes, it will definitely affect your gig as Fiverr might deny your gig or if you use someone else's designs, he/she can report you for it.

It is always recommended to use your own designs/portfolio.

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