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Sudden Drop in Gig Ranking - Seeking Insights



Until recently, my gig enjoyed consistent success, consistently ranking on the first page and even within the top 5 gigs for various keywords on Fiverr. However, to my surprise, my gig has suddenly disappeared from its prominent position and now it doesn't even appear within the first 100 gigs. This unexpected drop in ranking has left me puzzled and concerned about the future of my gig.

I have taken considerable measures to ensure the quality and delivery of my services, and I have been responsive to customer feedback. Additionally, I have made sure to comply with all Fiverr policies and guidelines. Given the sudden nature of this decline, I am uncertain about the reasons behind it.

I would greatly appreciate any insights or advice from fellow Fiverr sellers who might have experienced a similar situation or have a better understanding of how the ranking system works. Are there any specific actions I should take to regain visibility for my gig? Is there any additional information I should provide or steps I should consider to resolve this issue?

Your guidance and expertise would be immensely helpful in shedding light on this matter and helping me find a way forward. I look forward to hearing your thoughts and suggestions.

Thank you all in advance for your support and contribution to this matter.

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