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I am a new sealer


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On 5/24/2023 at 4:04 AM, datazen1 said:

I am a new sealer  Please see my gig below and tell me why i am not getting order 


1. You claim to be  a "lead generation expert."  If that were true, you could just generate some leads for yourself. Yet here you are asking for help and admitting you have no idea how to do that.  Is it honest to try to sell that service to others when you can't even help yourself?  No. 

2. You claim to be "fluent" in English, yet the truth is that you are not. Otherwise you would not make statements like:

"I am a new sealer"

"Let's go started!"

"I work at low price."

Why not be honest?  This does not fool anyone, and is why you are not getting orders.

Try to sell something you are skilled at, like writing fiction. 

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