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Not getting any orders

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25 minutes ago, sharof_diginer said:

I opened id in fiver long time and published a gig I am not getting any response my gig views are not increasing no order now what can I do

how many impressions and clicks are your gigs taking?

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best things to do - try social media for promoting

                            - stay online and active

after getting few orders and feedback it will become better, but have to play along with the first hard steps

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12 minutes ago, d_a_d_d_y said:

any proof then?


(Other than Fiverr literally debunking it before if I remember correctly. Not 100% sure about that though.)

I'm European and most of my clients are from the US (though it depends.) I sleep when they are awake but still have enough work. Being online would work if there were say, 1000 sellers per category. Faking activity OR staying awake for no reason doesn't help when there's many others who do the same. It's common sense. 

Think about it this way. There's 35 supermarkets in your town. Only one of them is open at night. There's only say, 2 people who need something during that time, but they go there or course.

Every other supermarket decides to stay open as well to see if that helps. 

The number of customers won't change, right? They very likely will either go to where they used to go or spread out - but the chance of you have 0 customers at night is still pretty small. (Obviously, when offline you can still get customers while supermarkets can't so that gives you even less of a reason to stay online all the time.)

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