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Read all those advices for newbies but...


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Hi, I want to speak about my experience here, incase someone is in the same situation, though I don't have a solution myself so...

I've been in Fiverr for a while, but my activity started around 5 months ago, when I opened my fisrt gig. I got an order then and nothing more. I've been trying to get new orders but I got none. 0. So I read all those "newbie advises" and "how to do things right in Fiverr" but I got nothing. I tried to improve my gigs, I tried to find key words for tags and everything else that all those nice people recommend nut, nothing. I asked for advise to improve my gig, got nothing too.

I will probably get nothing from this, nor even an advise. I just wanted to show my experience to some people who might be struggling too. I read that there where another system that worked really good for new sellers before the "Get briefs" thing but, sadly, it doen't exist now.

Thanks for reading and keep going, everybody. Freelance work is hard

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