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Open Fiverr app while using VPN.



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Guest ahmadsamadpour

Hello, if a VPN is used, your IP address may not be static, and its country may differ from your registration country. In such cases, there is a possibility that it could be affected if the IP address belongs to a country that is among the sanctioned countries by the European Union.

To verify this, please use the following website:

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1 hour ago, sultana_rima97 said:


Suddenly I'm working on a project where I have to be used VPN. And by mistake I opened my fiverr app several time while using vpn. So, is it create any issue with my account? 

I'm now a Level-1 Seller. So, I'm too much scared about it.

I've asked customer support about this before. Since I'm a Fiverr Pro and Top Rated Seller, the response is from a supervisor, so it comes with some authority: 


Essentially, Pavel is saying that while it's not impossible to use a VPN, it may lead to complications with the site.

The guidelines from Fiverr make it clear that employing methods to deceive Fiverr about your true location is not acceptable.

Consistently using a VPN to give the impression that you're in a different location would thus be a violation of these guidelines.

To put it plainly: can you use a VPN? Technically, yes.

But it could result in issues with the website, and if you use it for prolonged periods, Fiverr might see this as an attempt to mislead the platform, putting your account at risk of warnings or worse.

It's probably best to avoid it.

I've occasionally accessed Fiverr using a VPN, usually inadvertently if it was left on or when connecting from airports/public Wi-Fi.

I haven't had any issues.

However, there's always a risk, and I see no need or advantage for a VPN when using Fiverr. 

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