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6 hours ago, shajibsr said:

I am new at fiverr. I want to know what is the usual click per impressions. I am getting 1 click per 14 impressions on average. My gig age is almost 1 week. Is it normal?

Hi @shajibsr! Welcome to Fiverr and the forum!

What is "normal" varies for each seller. If I got 1 click for every 14 impressions, I would be doing a happy dance. However, what you have right now is one data point. Keep monitoring your impressions, clicks, and orders. You want to make sure that impressions are bringing you clicks and clicks are turning into orders.

If you have clicks, that means buyers are interested enough in your gig to click on it. If you get orders, that means you've convinced buyers who visited your gig to place an order. So now that you have clicks, work on the convincing part. When you don't have any orders or reviews to give you credibility, you've got to really work on showing what you can do to convince buyers that you can do the work - have gig videos for each of your gig and use the gig galleries to their fullest potential. You have 3 images and 2 PDFs that you can add in addition to your gig video. 

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