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want some guidance to bring traffic to my gig? Can you help me?


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I am a new freelancer on Fiverr and as I was creating my gig I faced some weird situations like, I can't tell you my exact qualification because there's no option for my degree and the field I want to join is not available in the options too. My question is what I heard and learned from other freelancers so far is way different than what I actually witnessed here. My gig showed some progress in getting impressions for 2 - 3 days but there aren't any clicks till this day. The impressions suddenly decreased from 30 to just 3 on the 4th day. I tried changing my profile multiple times and it did help me somehow but not fully. Please guide me with your suggestions about what should I do so I can improve in getting impressions and at least 2-3 clicks per day. I am thinking of creating a second gig for blogs and content writing and desperately want some help here. I will be very thankful for your precious time. Leave a suggestion here for me, please.


Wondering soul.

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13 hours ago, akhterlily said:

I think you should see a youtube video on this topic because there are many good videos on youtube about this. Hope you get your problem resolved.

yes, I did watch many youtube videos but I can't find any solution apart from deleting and creating the same gig multiple times.

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I'm still very new to Fiverr and let me tell you, the people here are so nice.   I was facing issues regarding my gig impressions and clicks, and like a lost puppy, I came here to find a solution. After some of their suggestions, I tried to do what they told me, and that really helped. I am so glad that my gig is improving in getting impressions. I am hoping to score orders someday too. In Sha Allah. Every person who tried to guide me through this, thank you so much for your kindness.😊🥰

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Here are some concise point ideas to help you bring traffic to your Fiverr gig:

Optimize your gig title and description with relevant keywords.

Use high-quality visuals and videos to attract attention.

Share your gig on social media platforms.

Utilize relevant online communities and forums to promote your gig.

Offer special discounts or limited-time offers to attract buyers.

Collaborate with other freelancers or businesses for cross-promotion.

Utilize Fiverr's promotional tools, such as Gig Extras and Packages.

Advertise your gig through online ads or targeted campaigns.

Utilize email marketing to reach potential clients.

Network with professionals in your field and ask for referrals.

Optimize your Fiverr profile to showcase your skills and expertise.

Provide exceptional customer service and ask satisfied clients for reviews.

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Fiverr is a large marketplace, where every seller wants to bring traffic to their GIGs. But only a few of them work on this to achieve this.

Give your full time to Fiverr, read the Fiverr blogs, and articles, join the webinars, and do your own research to optimize your gig if you follow the steps, and work on this continuously, you will be able to bring traffic to your GIGs.

I would suggest you read posts from this category on the forum: Tips for Sellers - Fiverr Community

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