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New, Excited, and Timed


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Hello all, I wanted to make note of my presence here as a new member! I’m reading up some of the other tips I see, and would like to make a positive impact in the community. I haven’t actually seen a place like this before, which is a little exciting - it seems that crafts and the like are easy to find here, and I can sell my own abilities without the stresses of my typical full time job. A calming workout that I can be paid for - excellent!

Unfortunately, I wish that my reaching out was just for a fun experience. I’ve had a fallout with my job where the company’s rapidly losing business, and I’m paid per talk minute on the phone. We’re all inbound, so since nobody’s calling in, I make no money, and I’m in desperate need of a job.

So, since I seem to be too small to donate plasma or make money by some of the other means known to me (I’m slightly underweight), I’ve decided to see what I can sell! Baby sitting, pet watching, house watching, advertising, web services - I know a few things here and there. I want to be conscious of what other people are doing, too, so that my moment of desperation doesn’t lead me to harming their prices and activities, too.

Perhaps, my question, and why I’ve put this in the “Tips for Sellers” category is this: I’m new, a little nervous, and uncertain. How would I start out strong, and potentially raise about $300 to cover my bills this time around? Are there things I should do? Shouldn’t do? Activities that merit more attention than others? Is creativity in my sales encouraged, or do people here prefer more traditional settings? Thanks ahead of time, Fiverr community!

Sheriff’s Note: Moved to Fiverr FAQS.

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