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Trying to buy services but - "Brief was rejected. It had contact/ payment info or spam"




"Brief was rejected. It had contact/ payment info or spam"
I've read similar topics where people were trying to sell hence why they got this message. Sorry if I've missed something, but I am trying to buy services - Is it my message that doesn't met the guidelines? The message was something like:

Hi, I'm Mike!
I have a YouTube channel called "MrMike Gaming" @ 1.6k subs. My content is based around Minecraft Challenges and I'd like to record bigger projects that might include a lot of raw footage. 3hrs +.

What I need: 
I need someone to splice my raw footage/ get rid of dead space so that I can manage my editing better. Export would need to be good quality footage so I can fully edit at a later date. I have 2tb google drive space.
Also if you feel that you'd be able to fully edit my videos to a similar or better quality than I do feel free to hit me up too as that may also be another option (but I've not had the best experience of that so far) 

I also have a recording ready to go that may or may not go up on my channel as it wasn't as well planned as I would've liked, but would be a good test.

Thanks for your time

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Hi @mrmikegaming,

Your brief was probably marked as spam because you mentioned your YouTube channel.

I know with the buyer requests there was A LOT of spam where requests were asking for help on a video project (but were found only to be spam, with the purpose of increasing views and clicks for their YT channel). I know that isn't the case for you, but your words probably triggered something in Fiverr's spam filter to prevent those types of spammers from posting briefs.

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