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Help me with the first experience :(


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From your profile I’m wondering if your gigs are for traffic/likes/fans. If so, be forewarned that many people are becoming savvy to the realization that they don’t work. If they’re from 'bots, most social media sites will shut down the account because that’s not allowed, and traffic from click2click type deals aren’t effective, since they’re usually from other countries or from people with no real interest. And as soon as the traffic starts disappearing or the buyer realizes it accomplished nothing, buyers will just want their money back. Lately, I’ve noticed that Fiverr is much quicker at deleting traffic gigs for any complaint at all. So hopefully your gigs have nothing to do with that.

As the others have said, new gigs can take 24 or more hours to become active. Please use the forum search engine in the upper right corner to find topics or ask questions, since most of the time they’ve been answered and discussed hundreds of times already. And you may want to browse through the Tips for Sellers and Fiverr FAQ forums. If you feel you must self-promote in the forums, that belongs in My Fiverr Gigs.

Welcome and enjoy your time on Fiverr~

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