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Impression down from 1 year


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Hello to all Respected sellers I am Umer sohail working on fiverr from 4 years now I am currently half way through to reach top rated currently I am level 2 seller 

The issue that I am facing is that I deliver virtual assistant services last year was the best year me untiL May 2020 everything turned upside down my account was not able to promote my gig through promoted gig feature and this feature never came back till January 2023 also my impression went down to 2-4 per day my gig has almost 250 completed orders and 220 reviews but to this date from may 2022 my account is just dead


Sometimes I get orders from my repeated buyers only those are the orders which are supporting from a year now no new clients no impressions on organic gig and no impressions through promoted gig even promoted gig get 4-10 impressions in 1 month please help me if someone can as this fiverr income helps me support my family 😞 I am very much stressed up now because its been an year no warnings on my account but still I am being treated like this after 4 years of positive 5 star rating 😞 

Screenshot (1077).png

Screenshot (1078).png

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