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New @fiverr, I'm not getting jobs


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Hey there...

I'm really sad :classic_sad:... I posted my gig more than a month ago, first I was just getting a ton of spam and now not even that, I changed my keyword to see if that was the problem, I took a tutorial and did everything they said, and nothing. Any tips and tricks would be helpful.

tks ❤️

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Hi @daliamillanvela, when you are a new seller with zero orders, it can be really difficult to convince buyers to order from you. As a buyer, the first thing I look at in a newbie seller (with zero orders) is their portfolio, because that will show their credibility and competence in lieu of orders.

You currently have no work samples or examples to show, so your profile isn't convincing for buyers. You aren't taking advantage of your gallery, where you can create a gig video, post 3 pictures and 2 PDFs to show how good you are at providing the services mentioned in your gig. I suggest that you take advantage of every opportunity to show your buyers that you are good at what you do, so that there's no question in their minds and they will feel confident in reaching out to you and placing an order.

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