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Decrease impression and click


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On 5/18/2023 at 7:49 AM, data_inventor01 said:

I have a question. why decrease my gig impression and click?

From my experience, I feel that this is not a question that has a precise and unique answer. There are many factors at play. 
Fiverr shows you in the search results based on how optimized your gig is, this includes its title, description and photos. 
In fact, I have found that even if you have a well optimized gig, Fiverr shows you in the search results and prioritizes you during specific time periods. 
Ideally, you can get some order in that time where you are shown frequently, get a good review and your impressions will become more stable. 
This is all anecdotal from my experience and what I have seen within the platform. 

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