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Any talented Logo Animators out there? Collab?


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Hey, I asked my SM if it was okay to make this request, she said yes, so hopefully I'm not breaking any guidelines. Otherwise, let me know.

So I frequently get clients who need either a logo or an animated one (mostly the latter). They reach out to me in the first place to get an Audio Logo also known as a Sonic Logo. Basically a Sound Logo. Not to be mistaken with a Jingle, but they are pretty similar. 

I'm looking for 1 or 2 people to collab with or send my clients to when this need occurs. I need someone I can always trust will do a good job and leave them with a great experience. Maybe we can even do a back-and-forth - if your clients could need Audio Logo work and we both benefit from the situation. If this topic is not allowed, please let me know. 

So, yeah, anyone out there interested? Would love to see a portfolio as well - could be either on here or a website, if allowed. 

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