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What’s the Difference Between Landing page vs Website?

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Numerous small businesses wonder whether they should use a wharf runner or a full-fledged website to produce an online presence.

In this composition, we’ll show you the difference between wharf runner vs website, so you can decide which bone makes sense for your business.

A wharf runner is a stage-alone web runner designed for a specific purpose or thing. numerous businesses use landing runners in marketing, advertising, and lead generation juggernauts.

You can also use wharf runners to produce coming soon juggernauts, product deals runners, ‘ request a quotation ‘ forms and more.

wharf runners are specifically designed to get transformations, similar to buying a particular product on your WooCommerce store or subscribing to your dispatch newsletter. This conduct is called the runner’s ‘ call to action. ’

With that in mind, a good wharf runner will have lots of characteristics that encourage callers to convert. You’ll also want to minimize distractions so callers can concentrate on the wharf runner’s call to action.

A wharf runner could also be a stage-alone website with different sections each leading to a clear call to action. For illustration, the following image shows a wharf runner with three different tabs but a single call to action.

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In simple words, a Landing page is a result-oriented page that we can promote via PPC or other promotional methods, such as - a sales page, getting leads via email or call..

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