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My gig is active but searching for targeted keywords is not showing up in search results. Now what can I do?


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On 6/4/2023 at 1:07 PM, sayemsumon said:

I published a gig a few days ago, but the clicks are less than the impressions on the gig. How can I increase clicks and impressions?

"To increase clicks and impressions, consider optimizing your gig title and description with relevant keywords, adding high-quality visuals, promoting your gig on social media, and leveraging Fiverr's self-promotion tools. Additionally, delivering excellent work, maintaining a stellar rating, and requesting satisfied clients to leave reviews can help boost your gig's visibility. Keep experimenting and refining your approach!" 

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I am usually busy with various tasks and can't reply to buyer's messages immediately even though I am active on Fiver. But by setting up an auto-reply, you can send a short message to the buyer and get information about him or his project. Later I am with him after the information provided by him I can discuss his order.

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