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How do I make my gig have more traffic?


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3 hours ago, shahinul78 said:

I am also new. Though my account was created a long time ago. What I learned is you have to be active on pick hours.

And what are those peak hours? May I know too?

And how come you are new though your account was created in September 2018?

Also, staying online does not help with anything else so it's a useless advice.


3 hours ago, nullwashere said:

I'm sort of new to the whole freelancer thing, so I'm not too used to how it works. But does anyone have tips on getting more traffic for my gig or my first sale?

Well you need to work on your gig images because they are not attractive for buyers. Also, you have not added some of your work (portfolio) in gig images. Add them if you have ever done previous work.

Work on your gig description too. Elaborate your services briefly in each gig.

Also, do some research on Fiverr regarding your niche.

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Hi, You can get more traffic through these steps:

  1. Placing a professional display image
  2. Place a professional display video which describes your services
  3. Keyword filled description, you can go through similar gigs of yours to get an idea
  4. Promote, Promote and Promote, especially FB,Twitter and YT
  5. Create a video in youtube which describes your services
  6. Post your ads on FB business and Google plus groups
  7. Post your ads on Business forums
  8. Always over deliver
  9. Make a better relationship with clients and make them happy, so you will get recurring orders as well as tips
  10. Keep your overall rating high
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1. Focus on thumbnail images
2. Use the proper title and tag
3. Easily readable description
4. Stay Active
5. Try to reply to messages as soon as possible
6. Always on time deliver
7. Make a friendly relationship with the buyer and ensure their satisfaction.
8. Try to provide high-quality work as if they will be happy with your work

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