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How to get fiverr first order?


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14 hours ago, ruhul009 said:

Seek feedback and reviews: Reach out to previous clients and ask them for feedback or reviews to build your reputation and credibility. Positive reviews and testimonials can help establish trust with potential buyers and encourage them to place orders.

Do you even know that asking for reviews/feedback is a violation of Terms of Services (TOS) ?


14 hours ago, ruhul009 said:

Be proactive in buyer requests: Check the "Buyer Requests" section regularly and submit offers to projects that match your skills and expertise. This can be a way to gain initial clients and build your reputation on the platform.

You have been on Fiverr since November 2015, still you have no knowledge/update about Buyer Requests??? Buyer Requests have been discontinued since last year (around Nov 2022). 

P.S. I'll encourage you to read the Terms of Services Again and also read the topics in the Forum to stay updated about news and other stuff. Till then do not advise anything else to anyone. 😯

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